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Get a Free Demo of FuseBase's Portals Software


Get a Free Demo of FuseBase's Portals Software

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Get a Free Demo of FuseBase's Portals Software


Stress-Free Planning

for Wedding Professionals

Streamline your work. Keep your clients informed and relaxed.
Serene wedding planning with FuseBase Client Portals

Trusted by 2000+

professional services like you



See How it Works

Streamline Your Journey

and Wow Your Clients 

Your internal area - Kitchen

Think of our platform as your kitchen for wedding planning - a central hub where every essential is at your fingertips. Effortlessly manage details, avoid confusion, and enhance efficiency for the perfect wedding orchestration.

Client Portals - Dining Area 

In our planning 'dining area,' conversations flow seamlessly, eliminating the clutter of emails and calls for a harmonious wedding planning experience.

Time and Cost Savings

Increases operational efficiency, allowing the wedding agency to focus more on delivering a high-quality, personalized experience to clients.

The power of Client Portals

for Wedding Agencies

Effortless Client Collaboration


Ensures smooth communication and coordination among all parties involved, fostering a collaborative and cohesive planning process.

  • Centralize all wedding details, progress updates, and communications in one accessible place for streamlined planning

  • Brand each client portal uniquely, reflecting the distinct style and theme of every wedding you plan, including client pictures

  • Offer clients easy-to-navigate portals resembling micro-websites, ensuring a smooth, intuitive experience without a learning curve

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Internal System to keep you organized


Your internal hub, structured around efficient workspaces, keeps you organized and reduces stress

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Promote your brand

White-labeled portals help to promote your brand

Simplify your clients' life

Guide them into an intuitive system with
one magic link

Increase transparency

Streamline feedback, file sharing, and status visibility for clients

Get organized

Keep all your internal notes, tasks, files organized and easily accessible

Remove code barriers

Templates streamline your workflow, bring clarity, and save you a significant amount of time

Stop switching tabs

Create dedicated workspaces and portals for each client, ensuring everything is well-organized and distinct

Transform Your Wedding

Planning Experience

Seamless, Stress-Free, and Simply